August 15, 2022


Stay in the loop using iConnect!

At St Thomas’s we understand that parent communication is critical to creating an outstanding nursery environment.

We have invested and are now using the latest technology to allow you to see what your child is doing while at nursery and to also allow you to interact with the nursery and staff members, creating a total immersive and transparent experience.

Receive regular updates

We will provide you with access to our free app for your mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet when your child registers with our nursery.

Throughout the day you will receive regular updates to let you know when your child has taken a nap, when and what they have ate during the day and there nappy changes.

We will keep you updated with pictures and videos of your child and the activities they are taking part in.

You will also be able to send in any pictures or videos to the app of activities or trips that you have taken.






Messaging features

You are able to send messages and comment on things that are sent over to you on the app. You can share your thoughts on what activities they have done or send over a question if you are unsure about anything.